I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a major in journalism and English. I did some grad work at the University of Kansas in Early Childhood Education working toward certification.  I am Montessori certified.   I have spent a lifetime working with kids, starting as a church youth director when I was eighteen and progressing into teaching and childcare and working as a volunteer in Children's Resources for the Johnson County, KS  Library System for 15 years.  I have been a program provider for the National Association for the Education of the Young Child, have written curriculum for assorted childcare programs and am certified by the state of NM for providing teacher's in-service for childcare programs.  During my teaching career, if I couldn't find a story or song to match my lesson plan for the day, I wrote my own.


During my teaching career, if I couldn't find a story or song to match my lesson plan for the day, I wrote my own.   When I moved to NM I became involved with the Ruidoso Valley Greeters and was the storyteller for their Christmas Jubilee for the next 16 years. I was dressed as Ms. Claus.   As I have always loved history I became involved with Fort Stanton, Inc. in its efforts to save this part of NM history.  It was through the Hubbard Museum of the American West that I got involved with the NM endowment for the Humanities and became a Chautauqua performer.  Characters I did for the Endowment were Susan MacSween, the only female participant in the Lincoln County War and Lydia Lane, a young military wife who served in nearly every fort in NM including Fort Stanton.  Characters I did for the Hubbard Museum and the Lincoln Museum were an Apache Grandmother as part of a culture tour for the public schools, Susan MacSween, and as a storyteller of NM Tall Tales.  Characters I did in Kansas were a mother hosting a birthday party for her daughter when the grasshopper plagues hit and a Kansas one room schoolteacher. 

As a storyteller, I have traveled the state of New Mexico telling Western Fairy Tales, NM Tall Tales, Native American stories, Mexican Culture Tales, Bible stories, and anything the particular audience would like both adult and children's stories.  During a stint working for the Oregon State Parks where my husband Tony and I worked a lighthouse, I told stories of the shipwrecks and wartime on the coast to the visiting tourists.

For special speaking engagements: for children storytelling, or adult educators, my performances deliver the message to the audience in an illustrative and unforgettable way. Please contact me with your dates and needs. I am eager to entertain your group!

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