• Ms. Nisha

Tiny Transgressions

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

It was a common complaint from parents regarding stories about them that made it into circle time. My response was usually I won't believe anything I hear about you if you grant me the same privilege.

Children are not to be out done. If they can transgress then mom and dad probably do to.

They had been asked to bring an envelope to class to mail a letter. Lauren's mom had forgotten. When she came to pick Lauren up that afternoon, Lauren was one disgruntled little woman. She looked at her mom with such a dark face and spouted, "Rachel brought an envelope. Rob brought an envelope. Mandy brought an envelope. Drew brought an envelope. But not Lauren, she didn't have one!"

Caitlen was eating her oatmeal when she stopped, put down her spoon with a clatter, and looked really, really fierce. Mom asked her what she was doing and Caitlin replied, "I'm pouting." Smart mom took over, "Oh, I see. I'm so glad you told me, now I will know what it looks like."

Ian's mom always asked him when she picked him up, "What did you do today?" Ian was usually clueless. After about a week of being asked this an exasperated Ian turned to his mother and responded, "I don't know, mom. The calendar is right there on the wall. What did we do today?"

It is difficult to drop your child off and then pick him up later not knowing what has gone on during the day. For some kids, all they can do is talk about something special that has happened or will happen. For others life moves at its own pace and it isn't any big deal to them. Parents want to know, expect to know and a good childcare teacher will see that they do know something if not everything about a child's day. Communication is everything.


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