Once upon a time there was a little girl, Nisha by name.  She loved to read, tell and write stories and talk.  In kindergarten she thought the naughty chair had her name on it.  She was there everyday because she couldn't be quiet.  Like most kids, she grew.  She was a teenager who was still reading, telling and writing stories and talking.  This was when she discovered drama.  She became one of those dreaded teenage drama queens.  College, marriage, and she was still reading, telling and writing stories and talking.  She had a built-in audience.  She loved the audience, so she branched out into brownies, cub scouts, YMCA activities, library lady.  Always there were children.  Then a friend who was also a preschool director with staffing problems offered her a job.  The rest is history.  She taught.  She was a director.  She read, told and wrote stories, talked and she performed.  She retired.  It didn't take.  She started all over again in new surroundings.  She started her own preschool, read, told and wrote stories, newsletters, columns for newspapers and magazines and she performed.  Always there were children and now adults who came to ask questions, talk and give her their words for new stories.


Nisha Hoffman

Meet "Ms. Nisha"


University of Arkansas - Journalism & English Major

University of Kansas in Early Childhood Education 

Montessori certified

Johnson County, KS  Library System

Volunteer for 15 years

National Association for the Education of the Young Child (Program Provider)

Certified by the state of NM for providing teacher's in-service for childcare programs

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